my 2005 in poems

Hats off to Emily Lloyd for her list… Here's my own year in poetry:

January: Wallace Stevens, “The Snow Man
February: Theodore Roethke, “Root Cellar
March: Lynda Hull, “Ornithology
April: Elizabeth Bishop: “The Shampoo
May: W.S. Merwin, “Yesterday
June: Denise Levertov, “Living
July: Victor Hernandez Cruz, “Yjuanas”
August: Lisel Mueller, “On Finding A Bird’s Bones in the Woods”
September: Buson, “Washing the hoe –
October: Jorie Graham, “The Surface
November: Raymond Carver, “The Cobweb
December: Charles Wright, “Poem Half in the Manner of Li Ho”


Emily Lloyd said...

Cool, Sam...I don't know some of these; I'll have fun looking them up (and learning about your year as I do)


Paula said...

Some in yur list are among my favorites, too. " The Surface" on top.