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Books I'm reading:

Rebecca Loudon

Radish King, 2006 - Ravenna Press
Music delirious going down behind
the theater before the opera starts,
fierce hips, your voice’s rough timbre
carried to a party in a beaded bag.
– from “And Your Little Dog, Too”

Robert Bresson

Notes on the Cinematographer (Originally 1975 / Trans. Jonathan Griffin, 1986), 1997 - Green Integer

“The real, when it has reached the mind, is already not real anymore.”

Evie Shockley

a half-red sea, 2006
Carolina Wren Press

ars poetica, rough ship, drag
         me from world to brutal word,
                   mental passage. (write.) be
a wail of a sound, surfacing
         to fountain dark water found
                   in valleys of shadow of breath.

– from “possibilities of poetry, upon her death”


Collin said...

Rebecca and Evie's books are tremendous! I've just recently discovered Evie Shockley and I am impressed.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Shockley's book is wonderful ,Collin.

I'm equllay impressed by Loudon's. And I really like the look and feel of her book.

Do you like Bresson's work, or are you familiar with his films?

Collin said...

I'm embarassed to say I've never seen any of Bresson's films. Diary of a Country Priest is on my Netflix queue right now.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Diary is an amazing film. Bresson's vision is unique. His work in film reminds me of Charlie Parker in jazz. Bresson's style and approach to film will force you to adjust your concept of cinema.

I'd also recommend Pickpocket. My favorite of his works is au hasard Balthazar.