And what do you have to tell?

Solveig Dommartin


“Instead of forever hovering above, I'd like to feel the weight
grow in me. To end the infinity and to tie me to earth. I'd like,
at each step, each gust of wind, to be able to say NOW.”
      – Wings of Desire


Collin said...

The family notified the European media last night and it's now starting to pop up on news sites. I was still hoping it wasn't true. What a loss.

Nick said...

I saddened by the news.

LKD said...

She was beautiful.

This sad news makes me want to watch Wings of Desire again.

I love the photo Collin posted of her in bed with the man behind her.

one said...

such beauty and grace

Collin said...

IKD, that's Sam Neill in the bed behind her in a scene from "Until the End of the World." I have the five hour director's cut and I'm going to watch it this weekend in tribute.

megalopoet said...

oh, i was just perusing from arlene's page and saw this. oh, sad day. first adrienne shelly, now her. oh, oh, oh.

sorry to meet your blog this way.