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Here’s the tag:

Five poetry collections you may not have read but certainly must:

Kathryn Stripling Byer / Wildwood Flower (LSU, 1992)
Tory Dent / What Silence Equals (Persea, 1993)
Brigit Pegeen Kelly / Song (BOA, 1995)
Wayne Koestenbaum / Rhapsodies of a Repeat Offender
        (Persea, 1994)
Robert Morgan / Groundwork (Gnomon, 1979)

The collections, for whatever reason, should be a bit off the beaten path. And need not have caused the earth to open and swallow you whole.

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poet with a day job said...

I second that you surely MUST read the Dent, Kelly, and Koestenbaum! Esp. that Koestenbaum. It is amazing. Thanks for the tag. Be back in a moment.

Dennis said...

Sam - Thanks for asking and here's my list. If you see anything on it that you agree is a must read, please let me know.

Thomas Hardy / Winter Words in Various Moods and Meters (1928)
Kenneth Koch / The Art of Love (1975)
Wallace Stevens / Harmonium (1923)
Allen Ginsberg / Howl and Other Poems (1955)
Robert Creeley / For Love (1962)

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Interesting. I would call all of those must reads, Dennis, but I wouldn't say they're off the beaten path. Maybe Creeley's or Hardy's - maybe. But not the others. They're mainstream or very high profile, and nearly always listed near the top.

Dennis said...

Sam - that's because I'm still quite the novice when it comes to even knowing where the "path" is. But I'm trying! I guess I should get some more mainstream under my belt before I go off wandering . . .

Thanks for the invitation.

Ivy said...

Here 'tis.

anhaga said...


You have a good list here. I don't know the Koestenbaum book, but it sounds like I'd better find it. Haven't read What Silence Equals, either, though I would have to say Hiv, Mon Amour is one of the best books of the last couple of decades of the century just past. Glad to find Robert Morgan on your list. Red Owl might be my favorite of his earlier books, but I wouldn't want to be without Groundwork.

My list, for a variety of reasons:

1. Ice, Mouth, Song / Rachel Contreni Flynn
2. Love Alone / Paul Monette
3. Lost and Found / Jeff Daniel Marion
4. Edge / Claire Malroux (tr. Marilyn Hacker)
5. Gorse Fires / Michael Longley

DeadMule said...

Five poetry collections you may not have read but certainly must:
(in order of publication)

Dennis Sampson, Forgiveness, Milkweed Editions, 1990.

Jane Mead, The Lord and the General Din of the World, Sarabande Books, 1996.

Christine Garren, Among the Monarchs, University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Darrell B. Grayson, Against Time, Mercy Seat Press, 2005.

Evie Shockley, a half-red sea, Carolina Wren Press, 2006.

Helen Losse

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Ivy, that is a great list, especially Radish King.

And James - Marion's Lost and Found... brilliant. Also, Monette's.

Helen, I really like Meade's and Shockley's.

poet with a day job said...

Ditto on deadmule's Mead and the Shockley. I love this tag...Can't wait to give mine!

Anonymous said...

S-- the short list, 'splainey at the blogs. this was SO much fun! easier than movies, too!


Kathryn Stripling Byer -- Catching Light (LSU, 2002)

Barbara Jane Reyes -- Poeta San Francisco (Tinfish Press, 2005)

Earl S. Braggs -- Crossing Tecumseh Street (Anhinga, 2003)

Jen Tynes -- The End of Rude Handles (Red Morning Press, 2006)

Denise Duhamel -- Two and Two (U of Pittsburgh Press, 2005)

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Nicole, great group. Byer is underrated, don't you think-- Duhamel is wonderful. Pleased to see Reyes on your list.

Collin said...

Poeta En San Francisco - Barbara Jane Reyes

Singing Yet - Stan Rice

Utterance: A Museology of Kin - Cherryl Floyd-Miller

Late - Cecilia Woloch

Whore - Sarah MaClay

poet with a day job said...

Collin: so glad you included Late by Woloch. I was going to, but Emanuel trumped it!

Here's my list:

Bad Judgement, Cathleen Calbert
Music and Suicide, Jeff Clark
Black Candle, Chitra Divakaruni
The Anchorage, Mark Wunderlich
Then, Suddenly, Lynn Emanuel

32poems said...

Thanks for doing this. I LOVE to know what people are reading; it helps me discover new (to me) voices.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Collin, I like your list. Good to see Reyes and Rice.

Your list, Melissa, is very interesting. Especially like Calbert and Clark. Good.

And Deborah, thanks for stopping by. It's an interesting group of collections I'm seeing.

Pamela said...

Done on my blog.

Pamela said...


gemellen said...


SarahJane said...

cool tag, sam. i will sleep on it, and browse these.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great lists Pamela and GG. Strong titles.

Ms Peach said...

I will sleep on this too. How delightful to have been invited, and to tucker in, drift off with dreams of favorite poems.

Instead of Beauty Sleep maybe we should all invoke Poetry Sleep. Sometimes my favorite poems come from dreams as it is.

Thanks again for the invite...


greg rappleye said...

Suzanne tagged me.

Done, on my blog.

SarahJane said...

finally up at my house, too.

cogresha said...

up on my blog

Galway Kinnell / The Book of Nightmares
Robert Penn Warren / Audubon: A Vision
Evan S. Connell / Notes From A Bottle Found On The Beach At Carmel
Robert Wrigley / Lives of the Animals
Larry Levis / The Widening Spell of the Leaves

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Sarah and Greg - thanks for your lists. Great works. Good to see Gilbert and Equi.

And Cogresha - Connell's work is wonderful. Also Kinnell's book - and especially Levis - That book, like all of his work - strong.

Ms Peach said...

I've had days of beauty sleep, and nothing was getting any prettier, especially my list of things to do!

Anyway, I put up my list. On my
Read it and Weep Blog.

I'm thinking it isn't exactly what you asked for,
but it IS what made it to the page.

Your list was HARD, narrowing down favorites!

Care to start a new tag on books in verse?
Let me know. I'd be interested in reading what you all have to say...

Ms Peach said...

Thank YOU for stopping by my blog, and for the invitation.

I noticed you said nothing about The Real Mother Goose...LOL. Can't help it. I love that book.

Your comments were very helpful, thank you for including me.