"something is happening here"...

The clearest thing I could say is that poetry is a waste of time. But then - it wouldn't have it any other way. Nor would I. Let it be a waste of time. And move on to other things, I say, like ...

Given enough time, everyone will hate me. Simply for the stupid things I say or write. Things I believe, things I want, a dream I still hold to. Things I think are true, things I think are false. Things I know, don't know, have forgotten, have refused to learn, refused to build. Blame me for the known, for the unknown, for all answers, questions, memos, e-mail. Blame me for the math.

Everyone will hate - not because of what I do, or who I am, or where I've been - but simply because they can.

What's stronger than love? That's easy. Hate. Water kills fire every time.

Two out of three?

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