best of the net nominations...

More news from Blue Fifth Review...

The following poems, appearing at BFR, have been nominated for the 2007 Best of the Net series from Sundress Publications. The eligible publication period is 1 July 2006 through 30 June 2007.

Coyote, Vicki Hudspith (Broadside #3, Summer 2006)

After Hours at the Glad Light Diner, Robert Lietz (Fall 2006)

Body Talk, Peter Pereira (Fall 2006)

A Portrait of God as Table Wine, Arlene Ang (Winter 2007)

if you would like to know about the movie, Christine Hamm (Winter 2007)

Marilyn M. Thinks About French & Russian Dogs, Susan Terris (Winter 2007)


Congratulations to these writers for their exceptional works.


Christine said...

Thank you again!

poet with a day job said...

Awesome Sam! Congrats go to you too for publishing them!

Clare said...

Congratulations to all and to you too Sam for your fine poetic and editorial sensibilites.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for your poem, and comment, Christine. Thanks as well, Melissa & Clare. I appreciate the read.