Sad news and loss…

Sekou Sundiata

1948 - 2007

I could wake up in the morning
without a warning
and my world could change:
blink you eyes.
All depends, all depends on the skin,
all depends on the skin you're living in

             – from “Blink Your Eyes”


Pris said...

This hits so strongly.

KATE EVANS said...

I LOVE that poem. That line, "It all depends..." is so haunting. He was a force.

C. E. Chaffin said...

What I love about your "ten thousand things."

You mourn poets I haven't even heard of.

gemellen said...

so sad, indeed.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks to all for the visit. Sundiata's work is strong and real. He will be missed.

Suzanne said...

He touched so many people. It's a great loss.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

I agree, Suzanne.