memed by EZB

Eight things about the self:

1. As a child, my favorite book was a college text of my father's - an art history book.

2. My favorite band - Miles Davis Quintet (first version).

3. My three favorite television shows - Twin Peaks, The Paper Chase, The Andy Griffith Show.

4. The Sound and the Fury was the first novel I read straight through - in one night.

5. The one film I've watched the most - Apocalypse Now.

6. My favorite desert - bread pudding.

7. My great dream was to play centerfield for the San Francisco Giants.

8. I have a Martin D-35 and a Gibson Les Paul.


ezb said...

The Horror. My eyes have feasted on that movie more than once too. it's like a juicy steak for the mind.

Clare said...

Mmmm...bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks to both of you for the read.