my own musical score...

With a nod to Nick Bruno at They Shoot Poets - Don't They? -

...if you were to choose 5 songs; pieces and/or artists which would best approximate your poetic sensibilities and style which would they be?

What a magnificent notion.

In no particular order - though I'll list mine on an installment plan.

no escape

Sin City

The Flying Burrito Brothers

The scientists say it’ll all wash away
But we don’t believe anymore
’Cause we’ve got our recruits
In their green mohair suits
So please show your I.D. at the door


Pris said...

Hi Sam
I love it! What a great idea. Overall, I think music has formed more landmarks in my life than poems (with the exception of reading Howl for the first time when I was 20).

I'll post a youtube to one influence on my blog in a few days, too. Just now put up a new blog. If you want to read about me, it's the link to the all interview online issue of Mipoesias. I also interviewed John Sweet in it. That man puts his heart and soul into his poetry and spits it out well.

In the meantime, a landmark song from older days was Cat Stevens' Father and Son. Even though female , I felt as if he was singing for me in the son's part. Played it over and over.

Nick said...

Great video, Sam. Glad you decided to play along. I look forward to your other choices.

Collin said...

Good choice, Sam. You can't go wrong with Gram Parsons. I'm also doing the meme in installments. First two are up today.