over and over...

Jack Gilbert

Going There

Of course it was a disaster.
That unbearable, dearest secret
has always been a disaster.
Going over and over afterward
what we should have done
instead of what we did.
But for those short times
we seemed to be alive. Misled,
misused, lied to and cheated,
certainly. Still, for that
little while, we visited
our possible life.


Gilbert is one the most proficient poets in his ability to say the deepest most unapproachable aspect of emotions with absolute and relaxed economy. His poetry is easy to know and appreciate – like a fabulous, anticipated meal – but so difficult to talk about.

The intensity of what we find between / among words and lines in this Gilbert piece doesn’t fully translate into words – but is so effortless to enjoy.

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Collin said...

This reminds me of a Teasdale poem I just read -- the undefined "it" that has happened and allows the reader to fill in the blank.