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Three by Alfred Hitchcock...

12 October 08

Rear Window (1954)

             17 September 08

Vertigo (1958)

19 October 08

Psycho (1960)


Betrayal. Obsession. Out of balance.

A major artist, working at the top of his form, creating very personal films at the end of a dying studio system with its rigid and conventional limits.


Nick said...

Three of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me to revisit them.

Collin said...

Vertigo and Rear Window have just been re-released on DVD in special two disc editions with all sort of extras. They are both on my xmas list. I've seen Rear Window at least 50 times (not kidding) and I discover something new each time. Thelma Ritter is my hero.

Pris said...

I love those movie. Rear Window is a favorite of mine, too. It's on DVD now? Ohh...onto my Christmas list, too. Thanks for the tip, Collin.

James Owens said...

Three great ones. I have to put in a word for Psycho -- absolutely meticulous craft infusing life into what would probably have been a tired genre exercise in any other hands....

M. C. Allan said...

Thelma Ritter is so great in that, and Grace Kelly gets one of the best entrances of all time -- exceeded maybe only by Welles in The Third Man.

I've never seen that first poster for "Rear Window" -- thanks for posting, Sam.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Pris, all three films have been released as 2-disc editions. Wonderful extra features.

And James, Psycho is one of my favorite horror films. I think that Bernard Herrmann's score - as in Vertigo - is archetypal, and is at least half, if not more, of the film's power. The film does represent the highest order of craft - on all levels.

I agree about Ritter, MC. Thanks for the visit.

LKD said...

Rear Window and Vertigo are two of my favorite movies, period.

If I'm flipping through the channels and happen upon them, I can't NOT watch them. I'm stuck there, riveted, until the end.

All three movies are rooted in the idea of mistaken identity, in the complacency of thinking that by appearance alone, we think we know who someone is.

Every now and then, I think of Ted Bundy, that handsome devil of a serial killer, and I shiver.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

I can't pass them up either, LKD. Good point about mistaken identity - that is all through Hitchcock.

Vertigo is my favoirte American film.

Lisa Allender said...

Wow, Sam, I love this post. All three films are in my "Top Fifty"--and if I'm really honest, all three make the Top Twenty!
Psycho: still frightens me
Rear Window: lush, dangerous women and men!
Vertigo: psychologically scary, terrific film-making-as-art!