the time it takes...

Craig Morgan Teicher

A Cure for Dead Dogs

               ... as if weather were a cure for childhood.
                                                     —Bin Ramke

As if time were a cure. As if all things
pass, this too shall pass were a cure
for time, the time it takes, time enough,

a little more time. As if waking
with a taste in your mouth
were a cure for childhood, a sweaty

sweaty dream, a monster, an
angel in the closet, under the bed
were a cure for a ghost. As if

a thing lost or forgotten, discarded,
fled, written down and revised, revisited
were a cure for dead dogs, dogs

put to sleep, put down, put out of mind,
put that way were a cure for the facts.

As if this were a cure for that.

As if what happened, events as told, as tell
about the teller were a cure for
what ails, what finally ends, what time

has taken its toll on. As if what can be
hoped for, what works, what heals
were a cure. As if a cure were needed.

               from Brenda Is in the Room and Other Poems and Verse Daily


An amazing use of form an music - the poem circling back on itself, hitting the reader each time. The experience of this poem clearly carrying more emotional weight than sum of its parts.


anhaga said...

Thanks for posting this, Sam. I didn't know Teicher before, but I want to find out more, now. A dreamlike language here, the way it keeps shifting into something else according to its own deeper logic.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

This is clearly a use of language that interests me, James. I'm fascinated by the many shifts in the poem.