not you, not you...

Charles Wright

The Woodpecker Pecks, but the Hole Does Not Appear

It’s hard to imagine how unremembered we all become,
How quickly all that we’ve done
Is unremembered and unforgiven,
                                                   how quickly
Bog lilies and yellow clover flashlight our footfalls,
How quickly and finally the landscape subsumes us,
And everything that we are becomes what we are not.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Sam, thanks, that's a beauty ...


LKD said...

It's all one could wish for.


I wasn't going to watch this. I've been so down and out, poetry-wise, lately. That's what happens when I get happy. Poetry flies out the window.

But this poem, this reading of this poem, leaves me sitting here in the dark, smiling.

And really, that IS all I could wish for.

Thank you, Sam.

James Owens said...

Thanks, Sam. Wright is a truly great American voice, in love with the sounds of words and the little things they make when one puts them together well.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks, Don, Laurel & James, for the listen.