who would read it any way...

I’ve recently added a Facebook page, and – miracle of miracles – have added a Twitter account. Both are a radical change from the blog world – a world that, at least for me, has been quite limited. By limited I mean sporadic visits to my blog and my own visits to others. That includes my base blog – 10,000 things – and my notebook blog for poems.

Facebook, on the other hand – apart from the strangeness of game worlds, which is not my cup of tea, is a great source for contacts. In just a few weeks, I’ve made more contacts – and I mean contacts in a personal sense and contacts relative to my own writing and to my editing Blue Fifth Review.

I added a Twitter account solely for the purpose of following Karen Head on her Plinth poetry journey, and being able to participate. Since that time, I’ve made a different river of contacts, and have accepted a poem for Blue Fifth Review from a writer I greatly admire and have wanted in the pages of BFR for some time. That is the real value of Twitter for me.

In fact, because of the traffic volume at both Facebook and Twitter – that I never have encountered at this blog – I would like to use both of these sources as a direct method of communication with contributors and readers of BFR. Using this blog for that purpose as not been as successful as I had hoped.

I do realize that I don’t blog for the right reason. I don’t use it as a way letting anyone know about my day and so on. Mainly because I can’t do that sort of thing – and who would read it any way… The same thing applies to Facebook and Twitter.

At any rate, a couple of thoughts for today -


Collin Kelley said...

I've become more and more obsessed with Twitter as I use it. When it was down last week during the cyber attack I had a tiny panic attack. lol

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for the read, Collin.

suzi said...

Have been FB'ing a while but not twittering yet. It's only a matter of time I guess.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Facebook is such a different world from blogging. Thanks for the visit, Suzi.

DeadMule said...

What is the "right reason" to blog? I blog to promote my poetry, my friends poetry, my political views, and anything else I wan to say. After all, it's my blog.

And yes, it's very different from facebook.