end of year...

Normally, I never seem to make this sort of post, but thought I would this year. A recent illness that I've been progressing through has made me view my own work with a different shade. My journal is now a talisman. Writing – always important – has now become something along the lines of breathing ... in terms of how much I need it – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I do seem to write a lot of Lee Van Cleef, but that’s ok. He needs words too.


In 2010, a number of journals, print and online, said no to my works.

18 journals said yes: 40 poems accepted and 3 works of flash / Thanks to the editors of these venues:

BOXCAR Poetry Review
Corium Magazine
Istanbul Literary Review
Poets / Artists
Press 1
Ramshackle Review
Six Sentences
This: A Literary Webzine
Used Furniture Review


This year I was pleased to have a poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize... “Cinéma Vérité” (Ramshackle Review) ... and two works nominated for Best of the Net: a poem, “All My Sins Rising and Other Uncertainties, after Reading Furious Cooking” (BOXCAR Poetry Review) and a flash/micro suite, “Studies in Window” (BluePrintReview).


Two collections published:

      Lessons in Morphology (GOSS183)

      Inside a Broken Clock (Finishing Line Press)


susan tepper said...

And Istanbul Literary Review-- please remember us in your year end thoughts...

sam of the ten thousand things said...

I'd added in the poems that were published in Istanbul Literary Review, but somehow left ILR off the list. As I'm making this note, I realized that in my previous journal, I didn't turn the page where I list submissions, and mist 3 venues. 2 of them I'd listed but not ILR. Will correct that now. Thanks for reminding me, Susan.

Clare said...

I find these lists useful. So glad you are better and congratulations. I'm about to check my mail...hopefully your book will be in it today, tomorrow, soon...

Collin Kelley said...

Sorry you've been unwell, Sam. Your chapbook is tops on my order list. I'm so behind in reading all my friends' books. Hope you have a good holiday and congrats on all your success this year.

Bob Bradshaw said...

HI Sam, Hope you recover soon. Nothing is as prized as good health. I recently got over a bout with pneumonia. I empathize..

All my sins rising... is a terrific poem...and I just started reading your new book. The Basho poem is my favorite so far...I keep going back to it. I'm a sucker for good writing!

Take care....Bob

bandit said...

Was wandering around and saw your title. Bored with some of the other selections (as in 'boorish') afforded me, I tuned in anyway.

I read pretty fast, and, seconds later, saw your note about illness and writing.

A pause here, wondering what to say; nothing really, other than . . . keep writing.

This will be the year of the rabbit. I'll try and write something for you soon.

Wynne said...

Congratulations on a productive year!