Vivre se vie - great film by Jean-Luc Godard. Here's the orginal trailer:



Totally immersed in Frank Stanford these days.

"When you take the lost road
You find the bright feathers of morning
Laid out in proportion to snow and light"

                - from "Circle of Lorca"


end of year...

Normally, I never seem to make this sort of post, but thought I would this year. A recent illness that I've been progressing through has made me view my own work with a different shade. My journal is now a talisman. Writing – always important – has now become something along the lines of breathing ... in terms of how much I need it – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I do seem to write a lot of Lee Van Cleef, but that’s ok. He needs words too.


In 2010, a number of journals, print and online, said no to my works.

18 journals said yes: 40 poems accepted and 3 works of flash / Thanks to the editors of these venues:

BOXCAR Poetry Review
Corium Magazine
Istanbul Literary Review
Poets / Artists
Press 1
Ramshackle Review
Six Sentences
This: A Literary Webzine
Used Furniture Review


This year I was pleased to have a poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize... “Cinéma Vérité” (Ramshackle Review) ... and two works nominated for Best of the Net: a poem, “All My Sins Rising and Other Uncertainties, after Reading Furious Cooking” (BOXCAR Poetry Review) and a flash/micro suite, “Studies in Window” (BluePrintReview).


Two collections published:

      Lessons in Morphology (GOSS183)

      Inside a Broken Clock (Finishing Line Press)


lessons in morphology

My chapbook Lessons in Morphology (GOSS183) is now available at issuu.com


Chapbook Inside a Broken Clock

My collection of poems Inside a Broken Clock is now available for preorder from Finishing Line Press. The official prepublication/advance copy sales period, which will determine the size of the press, will last until Oct. 15.

Here's the link to Finishing Line Press - New Releases and Forthcoming Titles.